Видовременная система глагола упражнение №6

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. How long ______ you ______ ?
— Since I was 17.

have been driving
have driven
did drive
do drive

2. She ______ always ______ in Moscow.

—, lives
has lived
has been living
has live

3. How long ______ you ______ Kate?

did know
have been knowing
have known
do known

4. I ______ here all my life.

have lived
have living
am living

5. Kate has lost her passport again, it is the second time this ______ .

has happened
is happening

6. Kate has been working here ______ .

since two years
two years ago
for two years
two years

7. The boy sitting next to me on the plane was nervous because he ______ before.

has not flown
did not fly
had not flown
has not been flying

8. I ______ a lot but I don't any more.

was used to eat
used to eat
was eating
used to eating

9. ______ next week, so we can go somewhere.

I'm not working
I won't work
I don't work
I shall not work

10. We are late. The film ______ by the time we get to the cinema.

will be already started
will already start
will already have started
already will start

11. Don't worry ______ late tonight.

if I'll be
if I am
when I'll be
if I be

12. At first I thought I ______ the right thing, but I soon realized that I ______ a serious mistake.

did, made
had done, had made
have done, have made
did, had made

13. I hope Kate is coming soon. I ______ for two hours.

am waiting
have been waiting
had been waiting

14. At last Kate came. I ______ for two hours.

am waiting
have been waiting
had been waiting
was waiting

15. She is going on holiday. This time next week she ______ on a beach or ______ in the sea.

is going to lay, swim
will be lying, swimming
will lie, swim
is lying, swimming

16. — ______ you ______ the post office when you're out?
- Probably. Why?
- I need to mail the letter. Could you do it for me?

are passing
are going to pass
will be passing
will pass

17. We ______ for a walk when it ______ raining.

will go, will stop
will go, stops
are going, will stop
go, stops

18. When you ______ in Moscow again, you must come and see us.

will go
will be
are going

19. I'm going to read a lot of books while I ______ on holiday.

will be
would be
am going to be

20. - ______ you ______ your car this evening? — No. Do you want to borrow it?

will be using
will use
are used
do use