Видовременная система глагола упражнение №7

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Water ______ at 100 degrees.

is boiling
will boil
will have been boiling

2. The weather ______ hotter and hotter.

has been getting
is getting

3. The first modern Olympics ______ place in Athens more than a hundred years ago.

were taking
have taken
had taken

4. We ______ 20 new buildings this year.

were building
had built
have built

5. I ______ always ______ if the service is bad in restaurants.

-, complain
am complaining
will be complaining
will complain

6. I ______ to the news on television at nine o'clock last night.

was listening
have been listening
had been listening

7. After they ______ they cleared the table.

had eaten
have eaten
were eating

8. I ______ for a whole hour!

am waiting
was waiting
have been waiting
had been waiting

9. I ______ John's mobile phone because I left mine at home.

was using
have been using

10. This juice ______ good.

is tasting
has been tasting
is being tasted

11. Long ago they ______ most houses out of wood.

have built
were building
had built

12. We still ______ life on other planets.

didn't discover
hadn't discovered
won't discover
haven't discovered

13. I ______ when my friend ______ .

slept, called
was sleeping, was calling
was sleeping, called
slept, was calling

14. Those potatoes ______ for an hour.

have been boiling
were boiling
are boiling
had been boiling

15. You ______ always ______ money!

—, borrow
has been borrowing
will borrow
are borrowing

16. They ______ for four hours before they ______ the top of the mountain.

climbed, reached
had been climbing, reached
was climbing, reached
climbed, has been reaching

17. I think it ______ a difficult game.

is going to be
will be
have been
had been

18. I ______ to you ever again.

don't speak
am not going to speak
hasn't spoken
will have been spoken

19. I ______ him tomorrow, he is expecting my call.

am phoning
am going to phone
will have phoned

20. The boat ______ the island on Friday.

is leaving
is going to leave