Видовременная система глагола упражнение №8

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. His grandfather ______ from his job a year ago.

has retired
was retiring

2. The backpacker knew there was a lake because they ______ it earlier in the day.

have seen
had seen
hadn't seen

3. ______ he ______ about the opera before?

had spoken
was speaking
has spoken
did speak

4. What time ______ it ______ ?

did happen
has happened
had happened
was happening

5. Tomorrow at five he ______ football.

'11 play
'11 be playing

6. This time last year he ______ in London.

was living
'11 live
has lived

7. I ______ for you for more than one hour.

has waited
have been waiting
was waiting
was waited

8. He ______ it for an hour before I came.

have been doing
had been done
had been doing

9. ______ he already ______ the doctor by that time?

has seen
did see
was seeing
had seen

10. She ______ her work already.

hasn't finished
has finished
is finished

11. When I ______ it ______ yesterday.

wake up, was raining
woke up, rained
woke up, was raining
've woken up, was raining

12. Will you ______ the bank when you go out?

be passing
have passed
to pass

13. Last night I ______ home at 11. I ______ supper and then ______ to bed.

have come, had. went
came, had, went
came, have had, went
came, had, have gone

14. ______ you ______ many cities when you were in France.

did visit
have visited
are visiting
do visit

15. They ______ for 20 minutes when his mother came in.

were talking
have talked
had been talking

16. The room looks very clean. ______ you ______ it?

Did, clean
Do, clean
Have, cleaned
Are, cleaning

17. Next year is my parents' tenth wedding anniversary. They ______ married for 10 years.

'11 have
'11 have been

18. Next week he ______ to Paris on business.

is going
is going to go

19. They ______ this article by 5 p.m. yesterday.

have translated
had translated
had been translated

20. While he ______ tennis, he ______ his arm.

played, was hurting
was playing, hurt
was playing, hurted
played, hurt

21. This time next week he ______ in the Black Sea.

'11 be swimming
'11 swim

22. Last night I ______ in bed when suddenly the phone rang.

were reading
have read
was reading

23. He ______ for Moscow by yesterday night.

had left
has left
was leaving

24. He ______ very fast when the accident ______ .

drove, happened
was driving, has happened
is driving, happened
was driving, happened

25. We ______ from her since June.

have heard
haven't heard
had heard
weren't hearing