Видовременная система глагола упражнение №10

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Jack ______ down on his sofa and ______ about the day. What a busy day it ______ .

sat, thought, had been
was sitting, thought, had been
sat, thought, was
sat, was thinking, had been

2. This was his first night in his own flat. He ______ his entire life in his parents' home.

was living
has lived
had lived

3. No wonder he was tired. He ______ up since six o'clock in the morning.

has been
had been

4. I was furious because I ______ and missed the train.

had overslept
have overslept
haven't overslept

5. She was nervous because she ______ never ______ before.

has flown
hasn't flown
had flown
hadn't flown

6. Mary is disappointed because her son ______ exams.

has failed
had failed

7. I didn't know his name. But I was sure I ______ him before.

have seen
haven't seen
had seen

8. Mike is a beggar now but he ______ always ______ poor.

was not
hadn't been
hasn't been
has been

9. When I got home I was hungry. I ______ anything to eat all day.

haven't had
hadn't had
have had
had had

10. Jack wants a new job. He ______ in the same job for three years.

has been
is being

11. He is broke. He ______ all his money on entertainment.

has spent
had spent

12. How much money ______ you ______ for your retirement?

do save
are saving
have saved
had saved

13. How long ______ he ______ his friend?

has known
had known
do know
is knowing

14. This is the first time I ______ bread with honey.

am eating
have eaten

15. What ______ you ______ last night?

have done
did do
were doing
had done

16. He ______ his hair. He looks nice.

has cut
is cutting
had cut

17. When ______ he ______ his hair cut?

has got
had got
did get
does get

18. _____ you ______ Peter? - I ______ him yesterday.

did see, saw
were seen, saw
have seen, have seen
have seen, saw

19. He ______ at me and ______ into silence.

had looked, fell
looked, fell
was looking, fell
looked, had fallen

20. The train ______ just now.

had left
was leaving

21. We had many difficulties but we ______ them.

have overcome
had overcome
'll overcome

22. We ______ their family for long.

are knowing
have known
had known

23. She left for the South and I ______ her since.

didn't see
haven't seen
hadn't seen
don't see

24. I ______ the title of the book.

've forgotten
'd forgotten
am forgetting

25. Mary ______ French before she came to France.

was learning
has learned
had learned