Придаточные предложения условия и времени упражнение №3

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. If it rains, we ______ at home.

would stay
would have stayed
will stay

2. If you ______ harder, you will fail the exam.

would not try
would not have tried
do not try
will not try

3. If you behave yourself, you ______ with us to the concert.

would come
would have come
can come
will come

4. If you do not work, you ______ holidays next week.

would not have
would not have had
do not have
will not have

5. If you ______ anything, ask me.

would need
would have need
will need

6. If we are leaving soon, I ______ my coat.

would get
would have got
will get

7. If I ______ the work by ten o'clock, I will be able to come.

would finished
would have finished
have finished
will finish

8. If you have finished your homework, you ______ .

would be able to go out
would have gone out
can go out
will go out

9. Eat less or you ______ fat.

would get
would have got
will get

10. If I ______ enough money, I would retire.

would have
would have had
will have

11. If I lost my job, I ______ abroad for a while.

would go
would have gone
will go
might go

12. If I lose my job, I ______ life very difficult.

would find
would have found
will find

13. If he were careful, he ______ things.

would not break
would not have broken
did not break
will not break

14. If she were slimmer, she ______ much more attractive.

would be
would have been
will be

15. If you ______ me more information, I will not be able to help you.

would not give
would not have given
do not give
will not give

16. They ______ their plane if they had not woken up late.

would not missed
would not have missed
did not missed
will not miss

17. I ______ to the party if I ______ about it.

might have gone, knew
went, had known
might have gone, had known
might go, had known

18. I wish I ______ taller, because I am not very tall.

would have been
would be
will be

19. I wish I ______ on holiday with you, but I am busy to¬morrow.

would go
would have gone
could go

20. I wish that the car ______ faster.

would go
would have gone
will go

21. I wish I ______ your advice that day.

would not taken
would not have taken
had not taken

22. I wish she ______ to the theatre with us last Friday.

would come
could have come
will come

23. I wish I ______ everything to you yesterday.

could explain
could have explained
have explained

24. I wish you ______ talking now.

to stop
will stop
would stop

25. I wish they ______ arguing because they make me ner¬vous.

will stop
would have stopped
would stop