Придаточные предложения условия и времени упражнение №4

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Jane is certain that if you ______ the truth, everyone ______ you.

will tell, believe
tell, will believe
tell, believe
told, believe

2. If Mary ______ the work by six o'clock, she will come to the party.

has finished
is finishing

3. If Susan ______ to school yesterday, she ______ us.

had come, would have seen
has come, would have seen
came, would see
had come, would see

4. The manager wishes he ______ more enthusiastic with the project.

has been
had been
were being

5. I am late for my lesson. If only I ______ on time!

can come
was to come
could come
was coming

6. Mary went to the theatre last night. She wishes she . ______ there. She didn't enjoy it.

didn't go
hadn't gone
hasn't gone
wasn't going

7. If I were you, I ______ to the beach instead of preparing for exams.

won't go
wouldn't go
didn't go
hadn't gone

8. Very often people behave as though they ______ alone in the universe.

are being
have been

9. If you ______ the result of the match, please call and tell me.

have known
will know

10. Unless Mary ______ the projects on time, she ______ her job.

does, loses
will do, loses
does, will lose
did, loses

11. Provided you ______ you ______ .

don't worry, will succeed
didn't worry, succeed
don't worry, succeed
worry, succeed

12. If I had the book you need, I ______ it to you. But I don't have it.

will give
would give

13. If Jane ______ the money tomorrow, she ______ to the restaurant with us.

had, would go
will have, will go
has, will go
has, goes

14. Many students wish they ______ to learn the lectures.

don't have
didn't have
hasn't had
hadn't have

15. If the scientists ______ the experiment properly, they ______ the results.

arranged, will get
had arranged, got
had arranged, would have got
arranged, would get

16. Sarah wished she ______ late for the meeting.

hasn't been
hadn't been

17. I usually go to the museum when I ______ spare time.

was having
has had

18. ______ that you were busy with your composition, she ______ to see you.

had she known, wouldn't have come
she had known, wouldn't have come
had she known, didn't come
did she know, wouldn't have come

19. If you ______ me yesterday, I ______ here now.

didn't phone, weren't
hadn't phoned, wouldn't be
hadn't phoned, weren't
didn't phone, weren't

20. We ______ more food in case it ______ .

buy, finishes
will buy, will finish
will buy, finishes
buy, will finish