Придаточные предложения условия и времени упражнение №6

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. I wish you ______ biting your nails — it is really an unpleasant habit.

would stop
would not stop
have stopped

2. If you buy any more books we ______ any place to sleep.

do not have
will not have
have not had
did not have

3. If your teeth hurt, you ______ a dentist.

ought to see
should see
would see
will see

4. When you heat water it ______ .

has boiled

5. When you go abroad ______ very attentive.

will be

6. He promised he would return the book as soon as he ______ it.

had read
will read
would read
would have read

7. Unless they improve their attitude towards the work, they ______ the exam.

would fail
will fail

8. Whenever she goes, she ______ friends.

had made

9. Whichever attraction you decide to visit you ______ sure of an excellent day out.

can be
will be able
would be able
will be

10. If Tom got an invitation to the wedding, he ______ a holiday to attend this event.

would have taken
would take
will take

11. If I had read all my notes, I ______ any problems at the exam.

will not have had
would not have
would not have had
would not have been had

12. If we received a letter of warning concerning a delay of payment in proper time, we ______ to your bank account 1000$.

would send
would have sent
will send
will have sent

13. They ______ to the party if you invited them.

would have come
would come
will come

14. Kate promised that she ______ the story word for word.

would have repeated
will repeat
will have repeated
would repeat

15. In case it rains we ______ at home.

will stay
will have stayed

16. If I ______ more patient, I would not have quarrelled with Diana.

will be
had been

17. I fell sick. I ______ so much.

wish I had eaten
wish I had not eaten
wish I would eat
wish I eat

18. If I lost my job, I ______ abroad for a while.

might have gone
may go
might go
may have gone

19. If you had not invited me to the party, I ______ here.

would not be
would not have been
will not be
would not was

20. Nick would continue his education abroad, if he ______ money to pay for it.

have had
had had

21. If our case had not been tried so late, we ______ such large damages.

will not lose
would not have lost
did not lose
would not lose

22. If I ______ a lot of money I would buy a house at the seaside.

will have
had had

23. If I were you I ______ a contract with this firm.

would not sign
would not have signed
will not sign
will not have signed

24. We could have gone out if the weather ______ so bad.

have not been
did not be
had not been