Страдательный залог упражнение №2

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. The famous actress ______ now for the "HELLO" magazine.

is interview
is being interviewed
was interviewed

2. All tickets ______ before we got in the theatre.

were sold
have sold
are sold
had been sold

3. Students ______ next Friday.

will be examined
will examine
are examined
have been examined

4. "A Farewell to Arms" ______ in 1929.

was published
were published
has published

5. The dinner ______ by five o'clock tomorrow.

will be served
is served
will have been served
will serve

6. He ______ to tidy the garage.

was helped
were helped
are helped
have helped

7. She ______ practicing the piano yesterday.

is heard
was heard

8. The jam sandwiches ______ with white bread.

are made
is made

9. Most children ______ strongly ______ their parents.

are, influencing on
are, influenced by
has, influence with
have, influenced by

10. All information ______ to me, before I found her address.

had given
had been given
was given
is given

11. The Loch Ness monster ______ to exist.

is told
is said

12. About 50 people ______ to the party yesterday.

were invited
was invited
are invited

13. Trained dogs ______ by the police to find drugs.

are using
are used

14. Lisa is at the beauty parlor. She is ______ .

having her nails painted
had her nails
painting her nails
painted her nails

15. Mike ______ to clean his room.

was make
are made
was made
is being made

16. Oxford ______ by Manchester United in the Cup Final yesterday.

was beaten
has been beaten
was beated

17. Fruit juice ______ by her over the white table cloth.

had spilt
had been spilled
has been spilt

18. The book ______ by the lecturer.

was referred
referred to
has referred
was referred to

19. Mr. Smith ______ the letter ______ .

make, typed
have, typed
has, typed
is, typed

20. Such a dress ______ .

can sat down in
can sit down in
can't sit down in
can't be sat down in

21. Many people ______ to be homeless after the floods.

is reported
are reported

22. Central heating ______ just ______ in Julia's house.

have been installed
has been installing
is installing
has been installed