Страдательный залог упражнение №3

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Much ______ by the end of the term.

has learnt
have been learnt
had been learnt
was learning

2. The book ______ to me before it appeared on sale.

had been given
was given
has been given
is given

3. The library ______ this year.

has been built
is building
was built

4. I suddenly remembered that the book ______ at home.

had been left
was left
had left
has been left

5. The flat ______ into before you arrived.

had moved
hadn't been moved
isn't moved
was moved

6. The children ______ to bed early yesterday.

had been put
are put
were put

7. Many new houses ______ in our street by next year.

will build
have built
are building
' 11 have been built

8. The questions ______ by the teacher now.

are asked
are asking
are being asked
have been asked

9. The novel "The Mother" by Gorky ______ into many languages.

has been translated
has translated
had been translated
hasn't translated

10. This monument ______ by the new year.

will erect
' 11 be erected
will have erected
will have been erected

11. A large gold cup ______ to the athlete last year.

was presented
is presented

12. A lot of concerts ______ _by amateur actors in this theatre.

was given
were given

13. Reports at the conference ______ by all the students.

is made
were made

14. The plan of work ______ for four hours.

is discussed
have been discussed
has been discussed

15. The plan of work ______ by all the students at five tomorrow.

is discussing
will be discussed
is being discussed
will discuss

16. An experiment ______ next week on Monday.

will be made
will make
is made
is being made

17. The article ______ already discussed.

is being
has been

18. The key ______ for everywhere but it ______ .

was looked, hasn't found
has been looked, didn't find
is looked, hasn't been found
has been looked, hasn't been found

19. The work ______ yet.

hasn't been finished
wasn't finished
hasn't finished
didn't finish

20. A lot of new English words ______ this year.

had been learnt
is learnt
has been learnt
have been learnt

21. The doctor ______ for before you came.

is sent
had been sent
was sent
has been sending

22. The letter ______ two weeks ago.

was writing
was written
was being written

23. The news ______ on the radio two hours ago.

were announced
was announced
have been announced

24. When workers ______ advertisement ______ in newspapers.

want, is placed
are wanted, places
wanted, is placed
are wanted, is placed

25. Thousands of young men and girls ______ to the universities every year.

are admitted
have been admitted