Страдательный залог упражнение №4

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. The wonderful film ______ on videotape, and it ______ by the whole family.

was recorded, was watched
is recorded, was watched
recorded, is watched
was recorded, is watched

2. Nobody likes when he ______ for the offence, which he did not commit.

was blamed
is blamed

3. She ______ if she had been wearing a seat-belt.

will not have injured
would not have been injured
would not injure
will not injure

4. Over 50 million students ______ in American schools which range from kindergartens to high school.

were enrolled
are enrolled
has enrolled
was enrolled

5. America's first college, Harvard, ______ in Massachusetts in the 17th century.

is being founded
had been founded
was founded
has been founded

6. The story of the first Thanksgiving feast ______ among the Americans.

is well-known
have been well-known
would have been well-known
was well-known

7. The students ______ on the topic "Industrial Revolution" at the end of the term.

will be tested
are being tested
will have been tested
were tested

8. Now London's councilmen ______ to approve the erection of a life-size statue of Charlie Chaplain in the costume that the British-born comedian made famous in his films.

being asked
are being asked
was asked

9. Mr. S. was sure that prisoners of conscience ______ in at least 60 countries.

are being held
were being held
being held

10. In more than 200 years the USA Constitution ______ 26 times.

is amended
is being amended
has been amended
was amended

11. The bridge ______ by tomorrow morning.

will have been reconstructed
is being reconstructed
will be reconstructed
was reconstructed

12. It was reported that the treaty ______ two weeks before.

would have been ratified
is ratified
had been ratified
was ratified

13. Sarah showed me the article, which ______ by her brother.

was translated
had been translated
has been translated

14. At the police station he ______ a lot of questions.

had been asked
had been asking
was asked

15. The rent for the house ______ regularly.

was paid
was paying

16. This question ______ at the meeting now.

has been discussed
is discussing
was discussed
is being discussed

17. This article ______ recently.

has been translated
was translated
had been translated

18. The Russian hockey team ______ to win next Olympic Games.

was supposed
is supposed
will suppose

19. Luke does not like ______ on trifles.

to be examined
being examined

20. They ______ to get married very soon.

are expected
is expected
will expect

21. I ______ a big sum of money to buy the furniture for the office.

is given
am given
was given

22. I remember my train ______ during the journey.

to delay
being delayed
was delayed

23. The meeting ______ by Mr. Brown yesterday.

is cancelled
was cancelled
has been cancelled

24. Shilov's paintings ______ at a gallery in Moscow.

are shown