Прямая и косвенная речь. Согласование времен упражнение №1

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. She said that she ______ keen on drawing.

has been

2. I ______ her that I ______ time to play the piano.

told, have no
tells, did not have
told, did not have
told to, had not have

3. Jane answered that she ______ very early, so she ______ the news.

went to bed, hadn't seen
had gone to bed, hadn't seen
has gone to bed, hasn't seen
had gone to bed, didn't see

4. Mary told me that she ______ to leave for London the next week.

is going
has gone
were going
was going

5. I replied that I ______ her when I ______ back.

will phone, got
would phone, got
will have phoned, will have come
is to phone, get

6. Mary said that Paris ______ beautiful in spring.

has been

7. The teacher ______ a report on the Civil War.

told Jane to make
tell to Jane to make
told Jane make
told to Jane to make

8. Jane ______ worry about her health.

ask to me not to
asked to not
asked me not to
asked not

9. I said that I ______ if I ______ time.

will go, have
would go, had
would go, have had
will go, had

10. Mary answered that she ______ wake up early in the morning when she was young.

did get used to
is getting used to
gets used to

11. Jane told me ______ calm.

to stay
to have stayed

12. I am surprised to see you. Your mother said you ______ ill.

has been
had been

13. She said that Mary ______ into her flat because she ______ her key.

cannot get, lost
couldn't get, has lost
couldn't get, had lost
can't get, was losing

14. Jane told everybody that she ______ a meeting ______ .

had, tomorrow
was having, tomorrow
will have, the next day
was having, the next day

15. Mary told me that writing a test ______ her nervous.

is making
will make

16. He said that he ______ in America for two years.

had lived
had been living

17. They said that we ______ when Mary ______ .

would leave, came
would leave, comes
will leave, came
would leave, had come

18. Jane told me that Africa ______ than America.

was nicer
has been nicer
is being nicer
is nicer

19. I told everyone that I ______ __to the party at ten, but ______ as soon as possible.

couldn't come, would arrive
can't come, would arrive
couldn't come, arrive
can't come, will arrive

20. "How are your parents?" she asked. I answered that they ______ very well.

have been
were being

21. — The play is boring.
— Is it? 1 thought you said it ______ exciting!

had been

22. Mary told me that she ______ Helen in the park and that she ______ fine.

saw, had seemed
had seen, had seemed
had seen, seemed
has seen, was seeming

23. He said that his car ______ a few days ago.

was stolen
has been stolen
had been stolen
is stolen

24. Jane told me that I ______ at her house if I ______ ever in Paris.

could stay, was
can stay, am
can to stay, was
could have stayed, was

25. Mary answered that she ______ the next month.

is married
was getting married
was marrying
is marrying