Прямая и косвенная речь. Согласование времен упражнение №5

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Tom said that he ______ at five o'clock.

had been working
has been working
was worked

2. Kate says that European hotel managers ______ a very difficult job now.

have had
will have

3. When they came and found what ______ by soldiers of Pharaoh they became angry.

have been done
has been done
had been done
were done

4. It was announced that the treaty ______ .

would have been ratified
had been ratified
is ratified
was ratified

5. Nick wondered how much further ______ .

they should ride
should they ride
shall they ride
they shall ride

6. She asked ______ back with further news.

to phone
being phoned
to be phoned

7. The driver was requested ______ so fast.

do not drive
has not driven
not driving
not to drive

8. Steve said that he ______ for me since five o'clock.

had wait
had been waiting
has been waiting
was waiting

9. At the meeting the people asked Stivenson ______ about his contribution to the development of the company.

to speak
has spoken

10. He said that he ______ to study English in 1998.

had begun
has began
was beginning

11. He asked me when they ______ us the magazine.

would send
will send

12. Mary suggested ______ the meeting.

us to postpone
we should postponing
us postponing
we should postpone

13. Michael told his dad ______ him up early.

has woken
to wake

14. James asked us where ______ the New Year.

were we going to celebrate
we was going to celebrate
we were going to celebrate
to celebrate we were going

15. The teacher told Sarah ______ her exam.

not to miss
do not miss
not missing
did not miss

16. Mary and I decided that ______ the methods of conducting the experiment.

we can change
we could change
we can have changed
we could have changed

17. Nick said he was very hungry as he ______ since morning.

did not eat
had not eaten
has not eaten
had not been eating

18. Stan asked the new friend how long he ______ English.

has been learning
was learning
had learnt
had been learning

19. My friend said that he ______ to Canada in spring.

would go
will go
would have gone

20. Steven said that he ______ to attend the seminar as he was going to see his grandmother.

will not be able
would not be able
was not be able
will have not been able

21. Laurel said that she had been playing tennis for two hours only and she ______ yet.

was not tired
had not been tired
is not tired
has not been tired

22. Mary was sure she ______ to the conference.

will be invited
was invited
would be invited
would have been invited

23. The doctor said I ______ and could attend lectures.

had recovered
has recovered
was recovered

24. The mother asked her son ______ the dog out for a walk.

had taken
has taken
to take

25. The policeman told me ______ my car near the office of the company.

not parking
do not park
did not park
not to park