Неличные формы глагола упражнение №5

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Princess Diane didn't have any chance ______ after such a terrible automobile crash.

to surviving
to survive
of surviving
of survival

2. The investigator understood that there's no point ______ for the new witnesses of the accident because everything was quite clear to him.

in searching
to search
to searching
in to searching

3. The criminal thinks that he had better ______ a confession and go to the police instead of ______ and ______ afraid of the arrest.

make, hiding, being
to make, to hide, to be
make, to hide, to be
making, hide, be

4. Although he is a jockey champion, he actually prefers ______ dogs and ______ horses.

breed, ride
breeding, riding
breed, riding
breeding, ride

5. I didn't like the way the furniture was arranged, so I tried ______ the table to the other side of the room. But then I moved it back again.

to move
to moving

6. Oh, it's a very difficult question. I'd rather ______ about it for a while than ______ now.

think, to decide
think, decide
to think, to decide
thought, decide

7. I pretended ______ interested in the conversation but really it was very boring.

to be
to being

8. It is very difficult to get used to ______ in a tent after having a comfortable bed to lie on.


9. He ______ smoke a pack a day when he was younger.

used to
got used
was used to

10. In court she strongly denied ______ anywhere near the scene of the crime.

to be

11. I regret ______ that he couldn't go on ______ like a child. Now he is upset.

saying, behaving
saying, to behave
to say, to behave
to say, behaving

12. The driver was accused of ______ the road accident by the police that morning.

to provoke

13. We had better ______ this chapter carefully because we will have some questions on it on our test tomorrow.

to review

14. He seemed ______ all about influenza and said there was nothing ______ about. It took him five minutes ______ me ______ his words.

know, worrying, to make, to believe
knowing, worried, make, believing
knowing, to worry, make, to believe
to know, to worry, to make, believe

15. He couldn't help ______ a small flat in London.

dream to have
dreaming of having
dreaming to have
dreaming to have had

16. Your money could ______ to good use instead of ______ idle in the bank.

be put, being left
to be put, being left
to put, being left
put, to be left

17. I have been talking to that man for an hour but then I preferred ______ to him because he is very difficult.

to stop talk, to understand
to stop talking, to understand
stop talking, understanding
stop to talk, understanding

18. In my early years I used to ______ in for sport, but now I can't afford it because of the lack of time.

have gone
had gone

19. While I was going home I heard the bomb ______ .

to explode

20. ______ to the hotel he hurried up the stairs to his room, sat down on the sofa, lit a cigarette and saw a letter ______ for him on the desk.
came, waiting
having come, waited
coming, waited
having come, waiting