Существительное. Артикль упражнение №7

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Many different combinations of ______ can give us ______ essentials we need for ______ adequate diet.

food, — , —
foods, — , the
foods, the, an
foods, — , an

2. My ______ cars are in the garage.


3. Don't bother, I won't listen to your ______ will do me no good.

advice, it
advise, it
advices, they
advises, they

4. For 30 years now I have been studying my ______ . I don't know very much about them.


5. The doctor's car is outside ______ house. Someone must have fallen ill there.

the Browns
the Browns'
The Browns' family

6. Travellers saw two ______ in a distance.


7. After ______ period of drought it started raining every day.

six month
a six months'
a six month's
the six month

8. If the ______ is left open, the optics will burn out.

machine's lid
lid of machine
lid of the machine
lid of a machine

9. I need ______ before I make a decision.

more informations
a few more information
further information
many information

10. Though she was quite ______ credulous woman she didn't believe all the ______ she heard about Arnold.

the, gossips
a, gossip
— , gossip
a, gossips

11. Before the game each ______ name is written on a card. The ______ select a card and keep the name secret.

child, child
child's, children
children's, childs
child's, children's

12. ______ law is one of the basic laws in physics.


13. Money ______ so scarce that ______ could fairly be said not to exist at all.

are, they
were, it
is, they
is, it

14. The news ______ so unexpected at the moment. We don't know what to do about ______ .

is, it
are, them
was, these
were, it

15. ______ Hyde Park is ______ very beautiful and large park in ______ central London.

— , a, —
the, the, the
— , the, —
the, a, the

16. Since my childhood I have been keen on travelling and adventurous life, in my dreams I often see myself climbing _____ Mont Blanc, exploring ______ Azores, swimming in ______ Pacific Ocean.

— , the, the
the, — , the
the, — , —
— , the, —

17. ______ life is very difficult for ______ unemployed these days.

the, the
— , —
— , the
the, —

18. That magnificent ______ temple was constructed by ______ Chinese.

eight-centuries-old, the
old-eight-centuries, —
eight-century's-old, a
eight-century-old, the

19. His advice ______ bad. ______ never helped me.

is, it has
are, they have
was, they have
were, it has

20. ______ President ______ election was widely forecast by the polls.

the, Clinton
— , Clinton's
— , Clintons
the, Clinton's