Прилагательное и наречие упражнение №3

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Kevin continued to study ______ in a well-organized private school and he ______ found a common language with his new school fellows.

serious, quick
seriously, quickly
seriously, quick
serious, quickly

2. The scene was ______ . Can you imagine John running so ______ ?

quite amazing, fast
rather amazing, fastly
such amazing, fast
so amazed, fast

3. Will you give me ______ information on delivery arrangements?

more further
much far

4. The benefit was ______ great a success that the promoters decided to repeat it.


5. John is ______ a wonderful person: he is very friendly gay, he has much talent.


6. Mark was sure to get acknowledged as he worked ______ .

hardly enough
too hardly
hard enough

7. The teacher was giving her a test after a test in geography and she was doing ______ .

more and more bad
worser and worser
more and more worser
worse and worse

8. She became ______ as she was growing up.

much and much beautifully
more and more beautiful
more and more beautifully
most and most beautiful

9. You may dive safely here, the lake is ______ .

enough deep
deeply enough
deep enough
quite deeply

10. Her face had relaxed, the tension had gone. It looked ______ and ______ .

more younger, more beauty
more young, more beautiful
younger, beautifully
younger, more beautiful

11. I found it difficult to answer him. I was ______ to be able to think clearly.

enough confused
confusing too
very confusing
too confused

12. We slept in a double-bedded room, which was ______ that the little country inn could do for us.

the best

13. ______ sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate but to be indifferent to them.

the worst

14. Because the first pair of shoes didn't fit ______ , he asked for another one.

more proper
most properly

15. I've got too little time and my ______ care will be to find ______ way to the village because the school I'm going to is at ______ end.

next, the nearest, the fartherest
nearest, nearest, furtherest
near, next, farther
next, next, further

16. During the Middle Ages London grew twice ______ it was in size and wealth.

as large as
larger than
as larger as
as larger than

17. The professor looked ______ at the student's paper and then began to speak. His voice sounded ______ .

quick, terrible
quickly, terrible
quickly, terribly
quick, terribly

18. John said that no other car could go ______ .

as fast as his
so fast like his car
as fast as the car of him
as fast like his car

19. Even though she looks very young, she is twice ______ my twenty-year-old sister.

as old than
as old as
older than

20. Of the two landscapes that you have shown me this one is ______ .

more picturesque
the more picturesque
most picturesque
the most picturesque