Фразовые глаголы упражнение №1

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Some people believe that it is necessary to ______ capital punishment.

bring back
bring about
carry on
give down

2. When you ______ writing the project, do not forget to consult the dictionary.

get back to
get down to
go over to
set off to

3. Jane has ______ many troubles last year, but she remained confident and persistent.

gone to
stayed up through
got through
gone through

4. The play was ______ by the sudden illness of the leading actress.

held on
held through
held up
held over

5. If you do not need the book, ______ to the library.

take it up
take it back
take it through
take it down

6. Many people are ______ by false promises to make them rich.

taken in
taken through
taken over
taken back

7. The company ______ five new employees every year.

takes on
takes up
holds on
carries on

8. When the fire broke out, Mary was the person to ______ the situation.

take on
take over
hold in
get on

9. The burglary has nothing ______ Susan. It is unfair to accuse her of it.

to do away with
to bring about with
to take after
to do with

10. The professor refused to check Jane's test because he could not ______ her handwriting.

go through
make up
make out
make for

11. The government should ______ crime.

do away with
do with
make out with
make away with

12. Elisa ______ her flat. It looks very stylish now.

did for
did up
made up
made away with

13. It is difficult to ______ how you feel when you are in trouble.

get through
get around
get across
get back to

14. My business makes me ______ a lot. I have been to many countries.

get around
get back
get across
get over

15. Fortunately, all of my classmates ______ university.

got over to
went over to
got into
made for

16. Sarah ______ fine with everybody in the group. She is easy-going and communicative.

gets after
gets on
makes on
holds on

17. The manager promised to ______ the contract as soon as possible.

draw out of
draw up
get through
come along with

18. Mary ______ the details of the contract and only then agreed to sign it.

figured in
figured over
found in
figured out

19. When I was walking in the park, I ______ an old friend.

ran across
passed out
ran into
ran up

20. The company is still ______ the project of the new advertisement.

talking over
talking in
watching out
putting out

21. Jane won't ______ the details of the plan, we can trust her.

give up
give away
talk over
get into

22. We ______ the afternoon to the discussion of the new film.

gave on
went on
gave over
held on

23. Dictators like him rarely ______ without a fight.

go down
make for
give over
pass out

24. How can we ______ solving this problem?

go about
go down
make up
take on

25. On seeing the owner of the house the thieves ______ the window.

made down to
made for
went for
took to