Фразовые глаголы упражнение №2

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. If you are absent (with, to, from, on) more than two prac¬tices, you'll be asked to leave.

2. There's no need to go (in, into, up, to) details, just give me the general idea.

3. These three articles make (up, for, from, out) the whole book.

4. The wing of the plane broke (out, away, back, in) in mid¬air and the plane crashed.

5. I'll pick you (up, with, out, from) at your place at eight o'clock.

6. The writer was absorbed (in, with, on, into) her work.

7. It should be reasonably easy to pick (with, for, up, over) a taxi outside the station.

8. The committee has agreed (from, to, in, up) your request.

9. Don't give (away, in, up, to) without trying.

10. Please, put me (up, in, out, off) the train at the station serving the airport.

11. The article was abstracted (out of, out, from, for) a longer book.

12. What will the world use for power when it has run (from, away, in, out of) oil?

13. He cares only (about, on, with, for) himself.

14. They needed the money to set (right, off, up, over) a spe¬cial school for gifted children.

15. The coat and trousers make (up, for, from, out) the suit.

16. The old cars were broken (down, away, out, back) for their metal and parts.

17. Does she get (down, away, out, along) with your aunt all right?

18. Let's act (as, of, out, on) the story of the three bears once more.

19. I shall have to give (up, away, apart, in) singing when I get too old.

20. I had to run to catch (over, up, on, out) with her.

21. We must adapt our needs (from, for, as, to) our income.

22. I came (about, across, along, up) this old photo in the back of the drawer.

23. Please, point (out, to, up, down) where I went wrong.

24. It's always advisable to check (off, out, on, in) early to get a good seat on your flight.

25. He keeps going (through, up, over, away) the same story although no one believes him.