Фразовые глаголы упражнение №3

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Do you, too, run (of, from, in, out of) money long before the next payday?

2. It is difficult to accustom oneself (into, in, to, of) the new ideas of younger people.

3. Send (for, to, after, of) a doctor, a man has been hurt.

4. Tell them to be (in, of, on, at) ease.

5. My father decided to apply (for, to, of, at) a new job.

6. It's hard to give (up, away, out, in) the smoking habit with out help.

7. Add (to, of, from, in) the flour a little at a time.

8. If you look (at, on, for, after) your shoes, they will last longer.

9. I'll get (along, across, after, up) with a bicycle until I buy a car.

10. Let's go (away, through, over, into) that scene again, until you are sure you know it.

11. This house seems to have been well looked (after, on, to, at).

12. The hospital must be adapted (from, of, as, to) the special needs of the sick children.

13. Using a long stick, the teacher pointed (out, off, to, up) a place on the map.

14. Tonight's concert will be put (into, up, in, off) till next week, as one of the singers has fallen ill.

15. Part of the country broke (away, out, in, back) to form a new nation.

16. I did want a holiday abroad, but we've had to give (away, with, on, up) the idea.

17. One of the duties of the nurse is to show people (out, off, up, in) to the doctor's office.

18. You'll have to account (with, of, up, for) every penny goes.

19. It often prevents an argument if you smile (on, upon, at, with) people who are rude to you.

20. Mother was well looked (on, after, for, at) in hospital.

21. Many of Dickens' books have been adapted (from, for, on, out) the cinema.

22. The king was forced to give (up, away, to, in) his crown.

23. Your spending should not go (away, through, over, into) your income.

24. I could hardly keep (from, for, in, back) laughing when he fell.

25. We've agreed (with, about, for, on) Spain for our holiday next year.