Фразовые глаголы упражнение №4

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. She accused her brother (up, for, to, of) the crime.

2. Even if you fail the exam, you must try to keep (on, of, off, to) until you pass it.

3. The thieves waited until it was dark enough to break (in, away, down, up).

4. Who will look (around, about, for, after) the children while you go out to work?

5. You'll have to answer (for, up, back, to) your violent behaviour.

6. My aunt brought (up, about, away, in) four children.

7. Can you account (with, up, of, for) why our team lost?

8. Keep (on, of, off, to) with your studies, however hard it sometimes seems.

9. He turned and left her, but she looked (at, on, after, round) him with tears in her eyes.

10. I must apologize (for, to, against, of) my carelessness.

11. It is difficult to adjust one's habits (to, on, up, with) someone else.

12. You have to pass the entrance exams to be admitted (in, to, with, for) the university.

13. The date of the election will be given (out, up, away, in) soon.

14. I've never won anything yet, but I intend to keep (out, away, off, on) until I do.

15. The charity organization is appealing (to, of, for, on) more money to help the homeless.

16. Who's looking (after, on, at, of) the arrangements for the wedding?

17. The opposition is calling (in, for, at, about) a general election.

18. The price doesn't include tax added (on, for, of, to).

19. The doctor told him to give (in, up, away, off) smoking.

20. You will break (off, in, down, into) if you work too hard.

21. A string broke but the pianist kept (up, off, on, for) playing.

22. He never cares (about, for, of, on) other people's opinion.

23. He could not account (of, for, with, up) his foolish mistake.

24. A compass needle always points (out, off, to, up) the north.

25. Sarah is addicted (to, of, for, on) music.