Фразовые глаголы упражнение №5

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. If you want to make a success of your life, you have to learn to look (ahead, after, in, into).

2. Peace talks have broken (into, down, in, on) in the Middle East.

3. Don't take her seriously, she's just acting (out, as, of, on).

4. Why is she refusing to deal (on, out, of, with) our new neighbour?

5. Don't put (off, up, out, in) making the arrangements until the last minute.

6. Let's go (in, away, out, on) tonight; there's a good film showing at the local cinema.
7. The police are acting (for, on, of, upon) information received.

8. Mistakes in the printing should be pointed (out, to, up, down) at once.

9. Would you please put me (in, out, off, up) at the railway station?

10. Let's eat (off, out, into, away) tonight. I'm too tired tc cook.

11. We're all looking (ahead, for, around, forward) to seeing you again soon.

12. At her lessons pupils often act (like, as, for, of) a teacher.

13. He hasn't much acting ability, but he uses the stage as a chance to show (in, on, off, with).

14. The singer was advised to give (in, up, away, from) all hope of becoming a professional.

15. It was pointed (down, to, at, out) to us that the office was closed.

16. Being able to give (up, away, in, to) driving to work is a real pleasure.

17. A special committee has been set (in, on, up, over) to investigate this case.

18. We can't get (across,' after, up, along) without more money.

19. The medicine acted (as, for, on, like) his fever at once.

20. Is Mary still going (out, off, into, for) with that red-haired boy? I thought that was all over.

21. You should acquaint yourself (with, to, into, up) the facts before making a decision.

22. The child gave (away, in, to, up) learning the piano when he was seven.

23. The news was given (away, out, over, for) that the political leader had died.

24. He generally made (for, from, up, off) the necessary amount.

25. Does this piece of music appeal (to, for, of, on) you?