Фразовые глаголы упражнение №6

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. I'm not accustomed (of, to, over, upon) your laws.

2. I wouldn't advise you to go (against, after, about, into) your father's wishes.

3. Please, call (out, for, in, away) any time you are in town.

4. The telephone rang just as I was about to pick (over, up, with, from) the receiver.

5. Musicians rarely agree (with, for, to, about) the way a piece of music should be played.

6. I've run (from, out of, into, away) coffee. Will you have tea?

7. Don't give (up, away, out, round) the ending of the story. It'll spoil it.

8. I am not accustomed (of, into, to, in) public speaking.

9. It's still polite to give (up, away, to, in) your seat on the bus to an old lady.

10. Leave this house now or I will send (to, in, for, up) the police.

11. Do you agree (to, with, up, of) my plan?

12. The quickest way to go (above, over, about, out) the city is by underground train.

13. A trained dog can act (like, for, of, as) a guide to a blind person.

14. I'm making (out, for, of, up) a parcel of food to send to the children at camp.

15. The criminal broke (away, out, in, back) from the policeman who was holding him.

16. Different qualities make (for, from, up, out) a person's character.

17. I am not acquainted (with, up, of, to) your sister.

18. If you drop a knife, don't pick it (over, up, with, from), take a clean one.

19. Doctors advise (with, on, for, of) many things other than medicine.

20. Never put (out, in, up, off) till tomorrow what you can do today.

21. There is a sign pointing (to, out, at, off) the way out.

22. He's not acquainted (to, with, up, of) this piece of music.

23. The board of directors is made (from, out, off, up) of experienced men and women.

24. All the arrangements have been set (over, in, out, up) for the newsmen to meet the Queen.

25. The tea is made (up, out, of, off) from a mixture of several different types.