Фразовые глаголы упражнение №7

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. You should always aim (to, up, at, on) doing your job well.

2. The police examined the cars and then allowed them to go (up, on, off, to).

3. The factory must drive (for, away, at, back) increased production this year.

4. Every year the children look (ahead, away, to, forward) to having the holidays.

5. Our representative in the U.N. must be called (back, at, by, down).

6. Why did he give (up, away, in, to) his college course?

7. Look (at, into, through, up) your examination paper before you hand it in.

8.I agree (to, upon, on, with) your father; it's a foolish risk!

9. The shipwrecked sailors were picked (up, over, away, in) by a passing boat.

10.I don't care (for, about, in, of) what you think.

11. I can't get (through, round, on, about) to London, the lines are all busy.

12. It's time to put (in, out, up, off) foolish ideas and become serious.

13. An adjective must agree (to, with, an, upon) its noun in number.

14. I couldn't remember a fairy story to tell the children so I made it (over, up, of, from) as I went along!

15, Don't answer (back, to, for, in), it's impolite.

16. Major changes will have to be brought (over, about, along, away) in Russian industry.

17 Sometimes I feel like giving (up, in, to, away) the struggle to live on my income.

18. The statement that you have made will have to be thoroughly gone (back, off, into, up).

19. This cream is best applied (with, on, upon, to) the face at night.

20. Henry called (for, up, away, in) the waiter in a loud voice.

21. Let the child get accustomed (to, of, in, into) her new teacher.

22. More men are needed to make (for, up, from, out) the police force to its full strength.

23. Phone him at the office, he should be (away, out of, in, on) now.

24. My parents didn't approve (away, for, to, of) my marriage.

25. Please will you pick (up, over, out, away) my parcel at the post office as you pass.