Существительное - упражнение №2

Complete the sentences below using the correct alternative from those marked A, B, C, or D.

1. ________ depths are usually much greater than ________ depths because of ________ low density.

Snow, rain, snow
Snow's, rain's, snow's
Snow, rain, snow's
Snow's, rain, snow's

2. ________ are tiny white bells hanging from a single erect stem about 30 cm tall with the ________ as a red berry.

Lilies-of-the-valley, fruit
Lilies-of-the-valley, fruits
Lily-of-the-valleys, fruit
Lily-of-the-valleys, fruits

3. There ________ a lot of machinery in the shop and skilled workers operated ________ .

was, them
were, them
were, it
was, it

4. The ________ was shaky and he decided to go to the secondhand ________ store.

leg's table, furniture's
leg of the table, furniture's
leg of the table, furniture
leg's table, furniture

5. One hundred pounds ________ a large sum for her and she decided to put the money on her ________ account.

was, savings
was, saving's
were, savings
were, saving's

6. - Where ________ Nick's pyjamas? - ________ on the bed.

is, It is
are, They are
is, They are
are, It is

7. Bread and cheese ________ his usual meal and he has been living on ________ for two months.

was, them
are, it
is, it
is, them

8. His ________ decreased because his salary was cut by 7 ________ .

earnings, per cent
earnings, per cents
earning, per cents
earning, percentage

9. The producer presented his new ________ film. The show took ________ time.

two-series, three hour's
two-seria, three hours
two-series, three hours'
two-series', three hour's

10. The story of the magnificent ________ castle the guide told us about was exciting.


11. This is the ________ cloakroom, and that one is for ________ .

ladies', gentlemen's
lady's, gentlemen's
ladies', gentlemen
lady, gentlemen

12. The ________ at the ________ talks made a deep influence on everybody.

Minister of Foreign Trade's speech, peace's
Minister's of Foreign Trade' speech, peace
Minister of Foreign Trade's speech, peaceful
Minister of Foreign Trade's speech, peace

13. The official ________ is a table containing the holy days, ________ , and festivals of the church.

Christian church calendar, saints' days
Christian's church calendar, saint days
Christian church's calendar, saint's days
Christian's church's calendar, saints' days

14. The most beautiful ________ of carved jade in the form of ornamental pieces, such as vases, bowls, tablets, and statues, many of which are now ________ , were made in China.

specimen, museum pieces
specimens, museum pieces
specimen, museum's pieces
specimens, museum's pieces

15. Various ________ of the ________ are cereals, cultivated for their ________ , which is used as food.

species, grass family, seed
speci, grass family, seeds
species, grass's family, seed
speci, grass's family, seeds

16. The stone identified as a ________ was the first step in opening the ________ fields of that region, which have become the greatest in the world.

21-carats diamond, diamonds
21-carat diamond, diamonds
21-carat diamond's, diamond's
21-carat diamond, diamond

17. She was well aware of her extraordinary good looks, and was perfectly prepared to discuss ________ , just as a man seven ________ high might talk of advantages and inconveniences of being tall.

them, foot
it, foot
them, feet
it, feet

18. There ________ enough ________ to suggest that job stress may increase a man's risk of dying from ________ disease.

are, evidences, hearts
is, evidence, heart
is, evidence, heart's
are, evidence, heart

19. At its height in the early 1900s, the British Empire included over 20 ________ of the ________ land area and more than 400 ________ people.

percents, world, million
percent, world's, millions
percent, world's, million
percents, worlds', million

20. The ________ history goes back to 1808.

state's newspaper's
state's newspaper
state newspaper's
state newspapers'