Словарный запас упражнение №7

Adjectives describing character. Fill in the blanks with the words below.

ambitious, adventurous, easy-going, imaginative, impatient, naughty, optimistic, polite, sad, selfish, sensible, sociable,

1. He is with his little sister.
2. They are a (an) family and entertain a great deal.
3. They like new places even if they are dangerous. They are explorers.
4. He is to get through high school in three years; so he works hard.
5. I never see her upset. She seems a (an) person because always takes things as they are.
6. He's the habit of talking a great deal. He loves to tell everybody what he's done and where he's been. He is too
7. The child hit his baby sister.
8. I think, she is too to do anything foolish.
9. A(an) . person puts his own interests first.
10. A(an) person always sees the bright side of things.
11. The boy gave the lady his seat on the bus.
12. He has ideas like no one else's. He can make up fairy stories. He is extremely .
13. You feel if your best friend goes away.