Словарный запас упражнение №8

Expressions with put. Fill in the words given below to make up phrasal verbs with put.

A) among B) into C) away D) out E) back F) in G) off H) together I) one's foot in it J) up with K) down L) on M) up N) aside O) before

1. If you put the boy all those tall children, he looks even shorter.
2. She put her sewing when the telephone rang.
3. It's going to rain. We'd better put our things and go indoors.
4. Put the book where you found it when you have finished reading it.
5. Your suggestion will be put the board of directors at the next meeting.
6. He put his heavy suitcase on the ground and rested for a few minutes.
7. May I put a word or two?
8. Put the vegetables the pan with very little water, and heat quickly.
9. Tonight's concert will be put till next week, as one of the singers has hurt his throat.
10. She put her raincoat hurriedly and ran out of the flat.
11. Can you put the pieces of the broken statuette ?
12. Do you know how to put a tent?
13. Why should we put such terrible working conditions?
14. You can put your cigarette in that ashtray.
15. Every time you open your mouth you put .