Условные предложения упражнение №1

Fill in the suitable words.

A) will
B) won't
C) would
D) wouldn't

1. What you do if you won lots of money?
2. If the students were studying, you disturb them?
3. If you make so much noise, I be able to sleep.
4. They have to hurry or they miss the train.
5. They have missed the last bus if they had hurried.
6. If I were you, I buy a new bicycle.
7. If she had locked all the doors, the burglars have got in.
8. If my train is late, I take a taxi.
9. He must build a strong boat, otherwise he be able to sail round the world.
10. If you are a good girl, I buy you some chocolate.
11. I finish the work if you don't help me.
12. If only they arrive on time.
13. You understand unless you listen carefully.
14. If he hadn't cut his finger, it not have hurt for weeks.
15. I give you $5 if you do me a favour.
16. If Chris didn't fall in love with Jane, he give her flowers.