Неличные формы глагола упражнение №9

Put the verb in brackets into correct form, gerund or infinitive.

1. I'm thinking of (go) to Brazil.
2. You cannot live without (do) such stupid things.
3. He isn't good at (drive) his car.
4. Try to avoid (lose) your temper.
5. He seems (know) everything about it.
6. It's no use (cry) over spilt milk.
7. Would you mind (repeat) your threat?
8. You should practise (say), "Red little lorry, yellow little lorry."
9. It's useless (argue) with him. He won't listen to any reason.
10. They were advised (take) a packed lunch.
11. Do you think it's worth (see) this film?
12. If you want (lose) weight, try (eat) less.
13. It's forbidden (smoke) here.
14. I'm not keen on (work) late.
15. I'm not very fond of (shop).
16. He managed (calm) her by promising to return soon.
17. Mary is crazy about (take) photographs.
18. In Arabia the usual way of (travel) is by camel.
19. You needed (add) some more sugar to that.