Неличные формы глагола упражнение №10

Put the verb in brackets into correct form, gerund or infinitive.

1. Why don't you stop (watch) TV? I don't think it's harmless.
2. Please try (come) a little bit earlier next time.
3. I don't remember (see) Tom.
4. I've forgotten (buy) cheese. Let's go without it.
5. She regrets (tell) you that lie about John.
6. I don't think this work needs (correct).
7. They stopped (discuss) where to go now.
8. If you want to have a lot of money, try (rob) a bank.
9. The boys went on (look for) the money they'd lost.
10. I'll never forget (visit) Paris.
11. After describing the situation in general, he went on (talk) about details.
12. She regrets (say) she won't come to you.
13. Shall I help you (carry) that box?
14. Did you remember (say) good-bye to everybody?
15. He didn't need (be reminded) about his promise.
16. We can't help laughing (look) at them.