Неличные формы глагола упражнение №11

Participle I / Participle П. Choose the form of the Participle in each sentence.

1. I must have the mixer (fixing, fixed).
2. I don't find this story (amusing, amused).
3. My room is a mess: I really must get it (tidying, tidied) up.
4. I would stay at home after such a (tiring, tired) day.
5. Uncle Frank has a gentle old horse (naming, named) Pete on his farm.
6. Can you smell something (burning, burned)?
7. He opened the letter with (shaking, shaken) fingers.
8. She had rather a (pleasing, pleased) look on her face.
9. Deeply (shocking, shocked) I left them.
10. When (answering, answered) your question yesterday I forgot this fact.
11. He walked along the road with his collar (turning, turned) up, hands in pockets.
12. I didn't enjoy the party because I was (boring, bored) there.
13. Why not throw away the (breaking, broken) umbrella we are not likely to repair it.
14. She didn't pay any attention to the (ringing, rung) telephone.
15. Don't you think your hair needs (cutting, cut)?
16. Can you think of the name of an animal (beginning, begun) with "B"?