Местоимения упражнение №4

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate pronouns.

A) he В) she С) it D) they F) him G) her H) them

- 1 -

Children like to invent things and test . Once my cousins made a simple telephone. made from cups and wire. Francis found two good paper cups. tied to a long wire. Caroline, his sister, talked softly into one cup. heard through the other cup. Then Francis answered Caroline. heard very clearly.

- 2 -

The United States has three main television networks.
show different programs. Many viewers like news programs. watch every day.
As for Jack, he watches nature programs. give facts about plant and animal life.
One nature program described how bees live. told how build hives. Kate came from Russia to visit Jack. liked American television. found very different from Russian television. Kate watched a lot of television with Jack. helped with some of the language. Kate saw a program about tigers.
described how teach their cubs to hunt. In America Kate learned a lot of English. remembered for many years.