Use of English exercise №3

Complete the passages using the words.

A) racing
B) until
C) goggles
D) almost
E) as long as
F) safety
G) splash
H) besides
I) ear plugs
J) prevent

Most Americans can swim, and everyone likes to at least around in the waves on a hot day at the beach. Knowing how to swim is important for but when you do it seriously, swimming is also one of the best exercises for your body. water and swimsuit you don't need much. keep irritating chlorinated water out of your eyes and let you watch where you're going, and a swimming cap makes you more streamlined for and keeps your hair out of your face. keep the water out and ear infections. To get in shape, start by swimming twenty minutes three times a week. Add ten minutes you're swimming for an hour each time. Vary your strokes to work different muscles. It's okay to take short breaks, your heart rate stays up.