Нотный текст - Cuckoo

1. Cuckoo, cuckoo, say what do you do?
In April I open my bill,
In May I sing night and day,
In June I change my tune,
In July away I fly,
In August away I go.

2. Cuckoo, cuckoo, say where do you go?
Up high into the sky
Far away over the sea
To Spain I fly again;
Day and night
I take my flight.
Cuckoo, good-bye to you.

say what do you do - скажи, чем ты занята,
I open my bill - я открываю клюв,
I change my tune - я меняю песенку (я пою новую песенку),
away I fly = I fly away - я улетаю,
away I go = I go away,
where do you go? - куда ты улетаешь?
up high into the sky - высоко в небо,
far away over the sea - далеко за море,
I take my flight - я лечу.