CAE аудирование тест №1

Part 1

You will hear three different extracts. For questions 1-6, choose the answer (А, В or C) which fits best according to what you hear. There are two questions for each extract.

Extract One

You hear two guests on a radio programme discussing travel and holidays.

1 What do they agree about?

A Watching television can spoil a holiday.

В Holidays are for getting away from it all.

С It's important not to lose touch with reality on holiday.

2 How does the woman feel about travelling?

A It's always enjoyable.

В It's not the best part of a holiday.

С It generally makes her feel restless.

Extract Two

You hear part of an interview with a Formula One racing driver.

3 What does the driver say about keeping fit?

A Working out in the gym tends to bore him.

В Playing other sports helps develop key muscles.

С Driving is actually a good way to maintain general fitness.

4 In his opinion, what makes a great Formula One driver?

A an outstanding natural ability behind the wheel

В enough mechanical knowledge to help design cars

С the flexibility to perform well in a range of vehicles

Extract Three

You hear two people on a radio programme talking about a short story competition.

5 The presenter says that each of the finalists in the competition will

A win a money prize.

В be invited to a prestigious event.

С have their story published in the press.

6 Moira advises those entering the competition to

A write about their own life and experiences.

В base their story on one by a well-known writer.

С avoid being over-ambitious in the scope of the story.

Part 2

You will hear an outdoor activities trainer called Eric Duncan giving a talk about trekking in the Himalayas. For questions 7-14, complete the sentences.


Trekking in the Himalayas

Eric says that you need neither experience nor an especially (7) nature to go on these treks.

Eric recommends the months of (8) for trekking in the region.

Eric reminds us that we shouldn't regard the trek as a (9).

Trekking in Nepal can sometimes feel like walking through (10), as a result of altitude.

Eric says that many people buy a (11) that is not good enough.

Eric says that organising an independent trek can be (12) as well as saving money.

Eric points out that a guide will often also work as a (13) if needed.

Eric recommends finding a guide through a local (14).

Part 3

You will hear part of an interview with the comedian Kevin Burke. For questions 15-20, choose the answer (А, В, С or D) which fits best according to what you hear.


15 When it is suggested that he is not really as happy as he appears, Kevin

A admits that he conforms to a stereotype.

В explains why people might assume that.

С accepts that he is an untypical comedian.

D confirms that depression can be a problem.

16 What does Kevin value most about the book entitled Laughtert

A It was written with comedians in mind.

В It helps him see why some comedians fail.

С It shows him why audiences react as they do.

D It aims to show what makes certain jokes funny.

17 What does Kevin say about his time at university?

A He regrets his choice of degree subject.

В He is proud of his academic achievements.

С He enjoyed getting involved in a range of activities.

D He had a lot in common with other students on his course.

18 After leaving university, Kevin

A was determined to build a career as a journalist.

В didn't really enjoy the type of work he was doing.

С set his sights on getting work as a television presenter.

D took the opportunity to develop his skills as a performer.

19 What does Kevin say about his television career?

A It's not where he does his best work.

В He wishes he hadn't accepted certain offers.

С It's not as demanding as working on stage with a live audience.

D He feels most comfortable doing a range of different programmes.

20 Kevin believes that he is successful on stage because

A he is able to make audiences feel sorry for him.

В he can convince audiences that he is in control.

С he is able to laugh at his own appearance.

D he can appeal to people's sense of logic.

Part 4


You will hear five short extracts in which employees are talking about what they do for lunch each day.


For questions 21-25, choose from the list (A-H) each person's occupation.


For questions 26-30, choose from the list (A-H) what each person says about lunch.

While you listen you must complete both tasks.

A hotel receptionist

B make-up artist

C shop assistant

D photographer

E travel agent

F call-centre worker

G hairdresser

H flight attendant

Speaker 1 (21)

Speaker 2 (22)

Speaker 3 (23)

Speaker 4 (24)

Speaker 5 (25)

A I eat whatever is provided.

B I like to prepare my own.

C I tend to miss it out altogether.

D I like a good choice.

E I hardly notice what I'm eating.

F I rarely have time for much.

G I enjoy eating with colleagues.

H I like to take my time over it.

Speaker 1 (26)

Speaker 2 (27)

Speaker 3 (28)

Speaker 4 (29)

Speaker 5 (30)