CAE аудирование тест №2

Part 1

You will hear three different extracts. For questions 1-6, choose the answer (А, В or C) which fits best according to what you hear. There are two questions for each extract.

Extract One

You hear two people on a music programme talking about a new album by a band called Sharpie.

1 What is the woman's opinion of the band's new album?

A She finds it generally uninspiring.

В She thinks that their last one was better.

С She feels it may not enjoy great success.

2 What do the two speakers agree about?

A the quality of the songwriting

В the inadequacy of the sleeve notes

С the effectiveness of the marketing campaign

Extract Two

You overhear two students talking about a design course they are following.

3 What do they feel about the word 'sophisticated'?

A Their lecturer uses it more than most design people.

В It's been used so much that it has lost its meaning.

С Design textbooks should define it more precisely.

4 The male student mentions some Italian furniture as an example of something which

A is much less complicated in design than it appears.

В gives an overall impression of something that is stylish.

С reflects the desire of some designers to go against the trend.

Extract Three

You hear part of an interview with a man who believes in living the country life.

5 Looking back, how does he feel about his earlier attempts at self-sufficiency?

A He regrets the mistakes he made.

В He accepts that he was rather idealistic.

С He feels bitter about having to give it up.

6 He admits that in his new home, he will not be

A as reliant on making an income from the land.

В so worried about living in an environmentally friendly way.

С attempting the same range of activities as he did previously.

Part 2

You will hear part of a radio programme about how offices may be designed to suit different types of workers in ~e future. For questions 7-14, complete the sentences.


The office of the future

What's called the (7) office is given as an example of one prediction that hasn't come true.

Francis Duffy, an (8) by profession, identifies four types of office.

Duffy gives the name 'The Hive' to the type of office where work of a (9) nature is carried out.

The Cell' is a type of office which suits people whose work requires (10) .

Duffy thinks that people such as computer scientists and (11) work well in a cell office.

The type of office which Duffy calls 'The Den' was designed to make interaction such as (12) easier.

Duffy sees people involved in professions like (13) and the media working well in a den office.

Duffy says The Club' is the type of office which would suit people doing what he calls (14) work.

Part 3

You will hear an interview with Alex Mustard, an underwater photographer who has just published a successful book featuring his work. For questions 15-20, choose the answer (А. В, С or D) which fits best according to what you hear.


15 What does Alex say about filming wildlife underwater?

A It's impossible to plan what you'll see.

В It's fairly easy to set up controlled shots.

С You have to work closely with other people.

D You have to be quick to exploit opportunities.

16 When he was photographing free-diving, Alex

A found it hard to capture the point of the sport.

В didn't really go deep enough to get good shots.

С came to admire what the divers were able to do.

D wanted to keep his own feelings out of the images.

17 What does Alex say about his favourite shots in the book?

A They are the ones he had most fun shooting.

В It was hard to get the divers to take them seriously.

С They may embarrass some of the divers who feature in them.

D It's unusual to see shots that show the light-hearted side of diving.

18 How does Alex feel about photographing dangerous creatures underwater?

A He tries to avoid looking aggressive in their company.

В He dislikes the idea of disturbing them in any way.

С He recognises the need to avoid certain species.

D He can tell if an animal is likely to attack him.

19 Alex says that anyone wanting to take up underwater photography should

A choose subjects that are likely to keep relatively still.

В buy the most expensive equipment they can.

С avoid getting too close to their subjects.

D take shots of small things at first.

20 For Alex, the main attraction of going to Sardinia is

A the number of submerged wrecks he can explore.

В the convenient location of the main dive sites.

С the range of underwater life that he can see.

D the temperature and clarity of the water.

Part 4


You will hear five short extracts in which creative people are talking about the experience of receiving an award in recognition of their work.


For questions 21-25, choose from the list (A-H) the creative activity each person is involved in.


For questions 26-30, choose from the list (A-H) how each person felt on hearing that they had won the award.

While you listen you must complete both tasks.

A novelist

B website designer

C television scriptwriter

D landscape gardener

E fashion designer

F documentary film-maker

G computer game designer

H journalist

Speaker 1 (21)

Speaker 2 (22)

Speaker 3 (23)

Speaker 4 (24)

Speaker 5 (25)

A grateful for the publicity

B surprised by the quality of the competition

C sorry for the runners-up

D embarrassed by all the attention

E pleased to have proved someone wrong

F disappointed by the ceremony itself

G irritated by the judges

H amused by other people's reactions

Speaker 1 (26)

Speaker 2 (27)

Speaker 3 (28)

Speaker 4 (29)

Speaker 5 (30)