CAE устный тест №1

Part 1 (3 minutes)

The interlocutor will ask you a few questions about yourself and what you think about different things. For example, the interlocutor may ask you about your

  • area of work or study

  • general interests

  • plans and ambitions for the future

  • experiences of travel

  • daily life and routines

Part 2 (3-4 minutes)

Taking a break from work

Turn to the next pictures which show people taking a short break from work.

Candidate A, compare two of the pictures, and say why the people might need a short break from work, and whether the short break is really important to all the people.

Candidate B, who do you think needs the short break the most?

Doing things carefully

Turn to the next pictures which show people doing things carefully.

Candidate B, compare two of the pictures and say why it might be important to do these things carefully, and what might happen if great care is not taken.

Candidate A, who do you think has the greatest responsibility to do the things carefully?

Part 3 (4 minutes)

College life

Turn the next pictures which show some images of college life that a college has chosen to use in its brochure. Talk to each other about what impression of college life each picture gives. Then decide which aspect of college life is most important for new students to know about.

Part 4 (4 minutes)

Answer these questions.

1 Which is more important for young people nowadays, going to college or getting a job?
2 Some people say that students have an easy life. What do you think?
3 How long do you think a course at college or university should last?
4 Do you think it's important to study academic subjects or should students only learn vocational skills?
5 Who should pay for students doing university courses?
6 Should everyone have the chance to go to university whatever their age?