CAE устный тест №2

Part 1 (3 minutes)

The interlocutor will ask you a few questions about yourself and what you think about different things. For example, the interlocutor may ask you about your

  • area of work or study

  • general interests

  • plans and ambitions for the future

  • experiences of travel

  • daily life and routines

Part 2 (3-4 minutes)

Celebrating something special

Turn to the next pictures which show people people celebrating something special.

Candidate A, compare two of the pictures, and say why their celebration is so special to them, and whether they will remember the celebration for a long time.

Candidate B, who do you think will get the greatest long-term pleasure from the celebration?

Playing music

Turn to the next pictures which show people playing music in different situations.

Candidate B, compare two of the pictures and say how easy it is to play music in these situations, and how important it is for the musicians to practise regularly.

Candidate A, who do you think might need the most practice?

Part 3 (4 minutes)

Jobs with special skills

Turn the next pictures which show jobs that people need special skills to do. First, talk to each other about the special skills people need to do these different jobs. Then decide which job you think should be the most well-paid.

Part 4 (4 minutes)

Answer these questions.

1 Why do you think some jobs become fashionable?
2 What is the best way for people to choose a career?
3 Which is more important, to earn a good salary or enjoy the work that you do?
4 What do you think makes an ideal place to work?
5 Which is more useful for a young person, going to university or getting practical work experience?
6 Do people doing some jobs earn higher salaries than they should?