CAE устный тест №4

Part 1 (3 minutes)

The interlocutor will ask you a few questions about yourself and what you think about different things. For example, the interlocutor may ask you about your

  • area of work or study

  • general interests

  • plans and ambitions for the future

  • experiences of travel

  • daily life and routines

Part 2 (3-4 minutes)

People working

Turn to the next pictures which show people working.

Candidate A, compare two of the pictures, and say what the people might find hard about having to work in these situations, and what skills they might need to deal with the problems that arise.

Candidate B, who do you think might need the greatest skill?

Taking part in adventure activities

Turn to the next pictures which show people taking part in adventure activities.

Candidate B, compare two of the pictures and say what you think people might enjoy about taking part in adventure activities like these, and how much skill is involved in doing them.

Candidate A, which activity do you think most people find the most exciting?

Part 3 (4 minutes)

Problems of living in a city

Turn the next pictures. Here are some practical measures that have been taken to try to solve some of the problems of living in a city. First, talk to each other about the advantages and disadvantages of these different ideas in solving some of the problems of city life. Then decide which one you think would solve the greatest number of problems in a city.

Part 4 (4 minutes)

Answer these questions.

1 How could you decide who should and who should not be allowed access to city centres?
2 Should people be allowed to own more than one car? Why/Why not?
3 How important do you think it is to preserve historic cities?
4 How do you imagine the cities of the future will be?
5 What do you think makes an ideal city to live in?
6 What reasons do people often give for moving from the city to the country?