ЕГЭ чтение тест №5

Задание В2

Установите соответствие между заголовками А-Н и текстами 1-7. Занесите свои ответы в таблицу. Используйте каждую букву только один раз. В задании один заголовок лишний.

A. Health
B. Nightlife
C. Public transport
D. Out and about
E. Telephoning
F. At home
G. Your personal safety
H. Course changes

1. Walk confidently. Try to carry a small torch and an audible alarm. Don't trust strangers. If threatened or attacked, try to walk quickly away and shout loudly to attract attention. Only carry as much money as you need, avoid carrying large notes. Make sure that you stay in well lit areas where there are plenty of people around.
2. Avoid empty upper bus decks or empty train compartments. Try and sit near the driver. If you are pestered by someone complain to the bus driver or guard on the train. Do not stop cars by 'thumbing a lift', 'hitchhiking', 'auto stop'.
3. If you hear someone breaking in, do not confront the intruder. Always look who is at the door before opening it. If you are staying with a family, remember that they are responsible for you while you are there and that you are a guest in their home. Please comply with their rules, particularly regarding the time you are expected to return home during the day or evening.
4. If you are assaulted, please tell the police immediately. Do not worry about language difficulties, the police can provide language translators free of charge. While you are waiting for the police, you should write down a description of the offender, including age, height, hairstyle and colour, clothing and anything distinctive. It is important to tell the police if you have seen these persons before and where.
5. Places of high activity such as pubs, clubs and discotheques can sometimes attract trouble — especially late at night. Don't hang about unnecessarily in areas where problems are most likely to occur. Keep avvay from any sign of trouble.
6. Do not buy or accept substances that are illegal or that you are unsure of; drugs can be extremely dangerous. Your can be put you in touch with a doctor, dentist or optician.
7. Students are not permitted to "downgrade" their course once it has started. For example, if you have booked a GE2 course, you cannot change to a GEl course and convert your afternoon classes either to 1:1 tuition or an extension of GEl classes. Please not that in accordance with paragraph 3 of our Terms and Conditions, no refunds can be given after the course has started.


Задание В3

Прочитайте утверждения и следующие за ними тексты. Установите соответствие утверждений текстам. Используйте каждую букву только один раз. В задании один текст лишний.

A. Contact professionals before travelling to distant countries.
B. There are companies which are ready to help you to start your travels with the minimum of hassle.
C. Passes to different regions allow you to have unforgettable experience of your journey.
D. Travelling in Europe may differ considerably from exploring America.
E. If you want to go easy on your wallet you'll find reasonable efficient networks in most countries.
F. Rates are lower if you are not alone on your travels.

1. There will be times when you're travelling when you'll need to change your plans. You may fall in love with a place and decide you want to stay there a little bit longer. The hop-on, hop-off bus service is just the thing, allowing you to visit nine countries throughout Europe at your own pace. The budget traveller's preferred option, bus travel is the cheapest way in which to see the country. Flexible passes give you unlimited travel for anything from four to 60 days.
2. For those truly memorable journeys, trains can't be beaten, whether you're heading through golden prairie land or the Rocky Mountains. The Train Explorer Pass offers great value with regional passes available depending on which region you intend to visit.
3. America is the home of the open road. The movie and rock , cliches you've seen are not inaccurate, and the highway is often the best way to see the huge cities and National Parks. Petrol is cheap, and conditions are excellent — just watch the speed limits which are considerably lower than in Europe.
4. Immediate confirmation can be offered on a wide variety of 2-5 star hotels throughout the country. Rates are per room and not per person saving you valuable Js when you're travelling with your friends.
5. Growing economies, unsung beauty and a varied climate have made South America an increasingly popular destination for independent travellers.
6. Wherever you travel, you're always at risk of illness, especially if you're bound for more exotic climes. With this in mind, it's essential you consult your GP or a travel clinic (which are located throughout the country) at least two months before you start your travels. Depending on your destination, inoculations may be necessary, but remember prevention is always better than cure.
7. Depending on how friendly your home country is with the one you intend to visit, you'll need to satisfy certain visa requirements. This can cost you time, money and several pairs of shoes as you traipse around the embassies, so time is of the essence here. There are a number of visa assistance companies that will take the grief out of this whole process.


Задания A15-A21

Прочитайте рассказ и выполните задания А15-А21. В каждом задании обведите цифру 1, 2, 3 или 4, соответствующую выбранному вами варианту ответа.

The eBay Addicts

Katie is sitting at her computer, eyes glued to the screen. It's 2 am and the eBay auction is about to end. Within minutes the 25-year-old events manager from London will know if she has won another pair of Gucci shoes to add to her collection.
The scene may sound familiar. Indeed, eBay — the Internet auction site — has become a modern phenomenon, with 10 million British users, 135 million worldwide and up to 600,000 joining every month.
The other side-effects of her self-confessed addiction are far more alarming. Katie has spent so much of her substantial J50,000-a-year salary on eBay since discovering it in November that she is already J10,000 in debt.
It is not just her finances which are feeling the strain. Her health is also deteriorating under the stress of owing so much, and she has been to see her GP. What horrifies Katie even more is the fact that she can see her personality changing as a result of her addiction: she admits she is now prepared to lie to cover the extent of her problem.
Natalie, 27, from London, who works for a casting agency, also finds taking part in the eBay auctions and hunting for bargains addictive.
'I admit that I am an addict and I probably do need professional help,' she says. 'Every day I wake up and say that today I am not going on eBay. But I can't stop myself. It started as my stress-buster from work and now it's the cause of my stress. The thrill of the auction is like a gambling rush.'
These young women are not isolated cases. David Nott, Addictions Programme Manager, is seeing an increasing number of patients with eBay addiction, which he says is a very real condition.
While shopaholism has been recognized as a problem for years, he believes eBay addiction is different because of the combination of shopping and gambling which makes it so compelling and potentially more addictive.
'While a lot of people claim that the possibility of picking up a bargain is what attracts them to eBay, the single biggest thing that tends to keep them coming back is not what they buy, but how they buy it,' he says. 'The whole thing is geared around anticipation, winning and losing — it's a very emotive process.'
He says eBay addiction should be treated as seriously as any other.
'It is potentially life-destroying. While it doesn't have the immediate health implications, it can lead to disrupted sleep, the same types of adrenaline highs and lows and obviously the overspending and consequent financial problems that this entails.'

A15 Why does the author in the second paragraph say that "the scene may sound familiar"? Because people taking part in the eBay auctions are:

1) a rare case
2) ordinary buyers
3) spread all over the world
4) decreasing in number

A16 People visiting eBay auctions are:

1) gamblers
2) addicts
3) shopaholics
4) lonely people

A17 According to the author what attracts people in eBay auctions?

1) the rush of excitement
2) anticipation, winning and losing
3) the need to by things
4) the possibility to pick up a bargain

A18 EBay addiction is different from shopaholism because:

1) there is no human interaction
2) it is a combination of shopping and gambling
3) it is more addictive
4) you buy things online

A19 David Nott says that the side effects of eBay addiction are:

1) destroyed relationship and stress
2) financial problems
3) deteriorating health and change of personality
4) adrenaline rush, disrupted sleep and financial problems

A20 EBay addiction according to David Nott should be treated seriously because:

1) you get hooked
2) it has immediate health implications
3) bidding is exciting
4) it may destroy your life

A21 Natalie thinks that her addiction:

1) is self-destructing
2) influences her relationship with parents
3) is the cause of her stress
4) is just a hobby