ЕГЭ чтение тест №6

Задание В2

Установите соответствие между заголовками А-Н и текстами 1 -7. Занесите свои ответы в таблицу. Используйте каждую букву только один раз. В задании один заголовок лишний.

A. Room service
B. Safety on board
C. Information
D. Post office and telephone
E. Entertainment
F. Restaurant
G. Excursions
H. Dress code

1. The meal times are scheduled in the daily programmes. Menu for the day is posted at the entrance of the restaurant. During the cruise you will enjoy cuisine variety in the restaurant. If for some reason you are on a special diet, please, inform the reception staff about it. Tea and coffee are included with each meal. Bar drinks can be purchased from the bartenders in the bar or in the restaurant during meal times.
2. You can purchase stamps, envelopes and postcards at the Reception Desk. Mail will be sent from the nearest port. Pay phone cards to make a local, distant or international call are available at the Reception Desk. The Receptionists will show you the location of the pay phone on board.
3. Most of tours involve a considerable amount of walking, thus comfortable walking shoes are advised. Dress code on board is generally casual. A visit to Orthodox churches or monasteries requires observing certain regulations, such as wearing trousers for gentlemen, no shorts, long skirts or pants and head scarves for ladies. For Captain's Dinner you might prefer to have a dressier outfit.
4. You can contribute to environmental protection by lessening the damage caused by detergents. Your towel will be changed when you drop it down on the floor of your bathroom. If you leave it hanging, we would assume you are intending to use it again. Generally bath towels are changed every third day, hand towels — every day.
5. If you would like to extend your programme we are pleased to offer you a number of optional tours. Bills for optional tours will be added to your ship account. In every port of call you are requested to observe the departure time of the ship. Make sure you are on board no later than 15 minutes before the ship disembarks.
6. Schedules are delivered daily. Route information is posted on bulletin board. Radio announcements for guests will go over the passengers address system. The staff is open to your questions and happy to accommodate you.
7. You are travelling on a ship conforming to security standards accepted in the world. The crew of the ship is well trained for emergency action. In case of emergency situation on board follow the instructions of crew members. Use your life vest which is stored under your bed. When walking along the decks be very cautious as decks may be slippery when wet, be very careful on steep staircases.


Задание В3

Прочитайте текст и заполните пропуски 1-6 частями предложений A-G. Одна из частей в списке A-G лишняя. Занесите букву, обозначающую соответствующую часть предложения, в таблицу.

We arrived at Gatwick at 11.15 and made our way to the check in desk. 1 __________________________ we had some free time, so everyone went to the arcade, ate at Burger King or looked around the shops. The flight was quiet and almost all of us played games.
Not many of us had been to Rome and so we saw a very different environment from the one we live in. The houses were yellow, there were terracotta tiles on the floor outside the cafes and the most common transport was the moped. We got to our hotel, sorted out our rooms, unpacked and went out to dinner. The pasta was exquisite!
Lovely sunshine and comfortable temperatures were the norm and very nice it all was too, 2 __________________________ — but then we were warm and dry in the coach, 3 __________________________ . The weather was important as most of our visits were to Roman remains.
The real Roman bit started with the trips round the Forum, Palatine Hill and the Colosseum 4 __________________________ .
On our way back to our hotel we were given a guided tour of the Church of San Clemente, whose remedns, 5__________________________ , took us back to the level of Nero's Rome with its streets, alleys and the best preserved temple to Mithras in the world.
We spent time in Ostia, the port of Rome. During the 3rd century ВС, the town was primarily used as a naval base and played an important part in various wars. The remains of the town itself are in excellent condition, 6 __________________________ .
Everything we had learned about, or seen in pictures, suddenly came to life. We hadn't been there before but we felt that we knew it.

A. reaching down 50 metres below the modern street
B. considering that it was on at least one occasion partially destroyed by pirates
C. which would have made the group gasp in awe.
D. After we had confirmed everything
E. where the cruel world of Roman entertainment was mixed with the amazing technology below stage
F. so it didn't matter
G. except for the coach drive from Rome to Sorrento


Задания A15-A21

Прочитайте рассказ и выполните задания А15-А21. В каждом задании обведите цифру 1,2,3 или 4, соответствующую выбранному вами варианту ответа.


There is a definite buzz to Wimbledon in July. This is the 'village' where Londoners celebrate both the sun and their proud lawn tennis roots. When you see the crowds streaming into the streets wearing sunglasses, summery dresses and straw hats, it's like an official decree from the Queen herself: the long awaited British summer has rolled in.
Up until 6 July, there is only one reason to come to Wimbledon: tennis. Over one fortnight in June and July, the world's top-seeded players fight it out in a grass court for the prestigious trophies. The atmosphere is electric. Famous faces dot the crowds, English flags wave for the players and vendors do a steady trade in strawberries and cream, which has come to be the official food of the Championships.
It is possible to get a ticket for Wimbledon on the day of the match. Get up and get there as early as possible. Day-of-play tickets are sold on strictly one-per-person queuing basis. Queues can be extremely long and your position in the queue cannot be reserved by equipment, you must be there in person!
If you've missed the Championships, make up for it with a visit to the award-winning Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum. The museum offers a glimpse of how the gentle game of lawn tennis, once all the rage on the lawns of Victorian England and with origins that go far back to Medieval Royal Tennis, has become a multi-million dollar professional sport.
The museum offers wonderful views over Centre Court, You'll find memorabilia donated from famous players and great footage of past matches, as well as art and artifacts that bring the excitement of the sport to life.
Visitors also partake in the other game in Wimbledon: walking. Take a picnic on one of Wimbledon's many green areas. Wimbledon Common covers about 1,140 acres of woodland, heath land and mown recreation areas. Ten ponds promote a variety of bird, animal and plant life. The entire area is unfenced and is open to the public 24-hours a day throughout the year.
Shopaholics should head for the 320,000 square foot shopping centre at Centre Court, Wimbledon — the heart of Wimbledon retail. Three floors, with 62 shops and food outlets offer visitors a plethora of pleasant shopping. It's also a convenient place to purchase memorabilia or to get a snack and stock up on provisions before the big match at the Wimbledon Tennis Grounds.
If you wish to seek out a bit of quiet time perhaps to meditate and think winning thoughts for your chosen tennis player hopeful, the first Buddhist temple in the UK is the place to visit. Four peaceful acres encompass an emposing temple, ornamental lake, a small grove, flower garden and orchard.

A15 Wimbledon is a famous place in England where you can:

1) see fashionably dressed people.
2) celebrate the beginning of summer.
3) buy strawberries and cream.
4) watch tennis matches.

A16 Tennis Championship:

1) is officially announced by the Queen.
2) takes place over one fortnight.
3) is a close event.
4) is the time when Londoners celebrate the sun.

A17 In paragraph 2 'day-of-play' means that:

1) one person can buy many tickets for the match.
2) you can get a ticket on the day of the match.
3) you can book a ticket on the day of the match.
4) you must queue for a while.

A18 In the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum you can:

1) trace the history of tennis.
2) play tennis.
3) become a multi-million dollar professional.
4) see famous players.

A19 Wimbledon Common is:

1) a private area.
2) rich in flora and fauna.
3) another game in Wimbledon.
4) just a picnic area.

A20 Where can you have a meal?

1) at the Wimbledon Tennis Grounds.
2) at Centre Court.
3) at Wimbledon Common.
4) at Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum.

A21 The Buddhist temple

1) is the only place to visit in Wimbledon.
2) is the place for religious people.
3) is a beautiful place to visit and meditate.
4) is the fourth in the UK.