ЕГЭ чтение тест №7

Задание В2

Установите соответствие между заголовками А-Н и текстами 1 -7. Занесите свои ответы в таблицу. Используйте каждую букву только один раз. В задании один заголовок лишний.

A. Comedy festivals
B. Music
C. Visual arts
D. Dance
E. Children's events
F. Dance workshop
G. Amateur drama
H. Lectures and courses

1. А cat that's too old to catch mice, a dog that's too old to hunt, but they're not too old to run away to Bremley Town to become musicians. This new presentation by the internationally renowned Little Angel Theatre company, takes a fresh and poetic look at Grimm's loveable aлd popular folk tale the Musicians of Bremen. Using actors, puppets, masks and music, our story takes our heroes from the safety of the town to the edge of the forest where the robbers live.
2. Jane Eyre is one of the best loved classics of the English language. In this latest production by the Bexhill amateur Theatrical Society the exciting and dramatic episodes in the romance between Mr. Rochester, the strange master of Thornfiled Hall, and the new governess, are brought to life. Bertha's attack on Richard Mason, the wedding ceremony, the fire in the night and the ultimate reconciliation, are all portrayed in this new adaptation for stage,
3. Widely regarded as Europe's finest professional jazz dance company, the Lindy Hoppers are best known for their spectacular are breathtaking performances of the Lindy Hop — the original form of 'jive' dancing originating in 1920s USA. Wear Jazz shoes or light trainers and socks — no bare feet please! Great fun for everyone. No experience needed.
4. Shakespeare's enduring masterpiece is presented in all its colourful humour and enchantment. A Midsummer Night's Dream concerns the adventures and misadventures of a group of mortals and immortals in their resolutions of the confusions and problems of loving and being loved. It is called a 'dream' because of the unrealistic happenings that occur to the characters. Choreography is by the company's artistic director and features international soloists from Australia, Germany, England and New Zealand.
5. People love to tell stories about things that have happened to them in their lives. This five-day course is an opportunity to do this by means of pictures. It is designed for people of all levels and experience to develop ways of making visual narratives about, for example, memories, family, life work, leisure, places, politics, history and more.
6. Playing hot dance music from the 20s and 30s, the Pasadena Roof Orchestra is one of the most consistently requested at the Pavilion. Despite its name, taken from the early hit Pasadena, and its unrivalled international reputation, the Pasadena Roof Orchestra is quintessentially 'British', flawlessly performing strict tempo dance music from the pens of Berlin, Ellington and Gershwin, including favourites like Let's Face the Music and Dance.
7. An exhibition of work made by children with special needs from Bexhill during an Art Residency in October. The children were encouraged to work with paint, sand, clay and plaster. The exhibition includes paintings and plaster casts with photographs and documentation of the residency.


Задание В3

Прочитайте текст и заполните пропуски 1-6 частями предложений, обозначенными буквами A-G. Одна из частей в списке A-G лишняя. Занесите букву, обозначающую соответствующую часть предложения, в таблицу.

Dear Mr. Brown 7th August 2008
As a valued customer, you are the very first to see our brand new House of Bath Catalogue. This has been created in response to your requests for items 1 __________________________ to help you live life to the full, outside your home.
It was quite a challenge but you'll see straight away the wonderful suggestions 2 __________________________ .
Even here on your special preview, we've products ranging from a marvelous golfing gadget through to a watercolour travel set and gloriously warm waxed body warmers — 3 __________________________ !
You have the continuing reassurance of our exceptional 100-day money back guarantee on everything we offer. And, as always, you can trust that our quality and value remain second to none.
4 __________________________ , do take advantage of our introductory half price offer saving you JIO off our Warm Reversible Hood 5 __________________________ . Enjoy your Bath Catalogue, 6 __________________________ — with House of Bath elegance taken as read!
Yours sincerely,
Mary Brandon.

A. which shows just how comprehensive the collection is
B. knowing that it is everything you've asked for
C. as an additional welcome
D. which is displayed in elegant style at our shop
E. when you buy any other House of Bath item(s)
F. that cater for your entire country lifestyle
G. that we've come up with


Задания A15-A21

Прочитайте рассказ и выполните задания А15-А21. В каждом задании обведите цифру 1, 2, 3 или 4, соответствующую выбранному вами варианту ответа.

The Pot of Gold

Ralph worked nights on a plan that promised him a well-paying job in Texas, but through no fault of his own this promise was never realized. In the third year of his marriage with Laura, a firm that was almost identical in size and character with the firm Ralph worked for underwent a change of ownership, and Ralph was approached and asked if he would be interested in joining the overhauled firm. His own job promised only meager security after a series of slow promotions and he was glad of the chance to escape. He met the new owners, and their enthusiasm for him seemed intense. They were prepared to put him in charge of a department and pay him twice what he was getting then. The arrangement was to remain tacit for a month or two, until the new owners had secured their position, but they shook hands warmly and had a drink on the deal, and that night Ralph took Laura out to dinner at an expensive restaurant.
They decided to look for a larger apartment, to have a child, and to buy a secondhand car. They faced their good fortune with perfect calm, for it was what they had expected all along. The city seemed to them a generous place, where people were rewarded either by a sudden and deserved development like this or by the capricious bounty of lawsuits, eccentric and peripheral business ventures, unexpected legacies and other windfalls.
He was twenty-eight years old; poverty and youth were inseparable in his experience, and one was ending with the other. The life they were about to leave had not been hard, and he thought with sentiment of the soiled tablecloth in the Italian restaurant where they usually went for their celebrations, and the high spirits with which Laura on a wet night ran from the subway to the bus stop. But they were drawing away from all this. Shirt sales in department-store basements, lines at meat counters, weak drinks, the roses he brought her up from the subway in the spring, when roses were cheap — these were all unmistakably the souvenirs of the poor, and while they seemed to him good and gentle, he was glad that they would soon be memories.
The reorganization and Ralph's new position hung fire, but they talked about it freely when with friends. "All we need is patience," Laura would say. There were many delays and postponements, and they waited with the patience of people expecting justice. He decided to telephone his potential employers. Their secretary told him they were both out. This made him apprehensive. He called several times from the telephone booth in the lobby of the building he worked in and was told that they were busy, they were out, they were in conference with lawyers, or they were talking long-distance. This variety of excuses frightened him. He said nothing to Laura that evening and tried to call them the next day. Late in the afternoon, after many tries, one of them came to the phone. "We gave the job to somebody else, sonny," he sadd. Like a saddened father, he spoke to Ralph in a hoarse and gentle voice. "Don't try and get us on the telephone any more. We've got other things to do besides answer the telephone. This other fellow seemed better suited, sonny. That's all I can tell you, and don't try to get me on the telephone any more."
(an extract from The Pot of Gold by H. Melville)

A15 What type of firm was Ralph offered a job in?

1) Same type as the previous job.
2) Overhauled firm.
3) Identical in size.
4) Security firm.

A16 Ralph decided to accept the job offer because:

1) he would have been given a pay rise.
2) he would have been given a promotion.
3) he wanted to escape poverty.
4) the owners were very enthusiastic.

A17 Ralph and Laura looked forward to the new position:

1) with excitement.
2) with dreams about the future.
3) with indifference.
4) with the feeling that they deserved it.

A18 Ralph bought Laura roses because:

1) they were her favourite flowers.
2) they were cheap.
3) they were sold nearby.
4) he liked them.

A19 According to the author:

1) Ralph didn't want to leave the life he led.
2) Ralph regretted his departure.
3) Their life was full of pleasant things.
4) Ralph was eager to escape but was sentimental.

A20 What was Laura reaction at delays of the new position?

1) She telephoned the employers.
2) She was patient,
3) She was worried,
4) She kept silent about it.

A21 The new owners' attitude to Ralph:

1) has remained as enthusiastic as before.
2) was sympathetic.
3) has changed with time.
4) was rude.