ЕГЭ говорение тест №2



Task 1 (3-3.5 minutes)
Give a talk on shopping.
to say:
• why people can't do without shopping
• if shopping is more popular with boys or with girls, why
• who and where does most of the shopping in your family, why
• if shopping by the Internet will become the main way of buying things in the future, why/why not

You will have to talk for 2-2.5 minutes. The examiner will listen until you have finished. Then she/he will ask you some questions.

Task 2 (3-4 minutes)
You and your English friend who is an exchange student at your school would like to do some sport together. You are discussing what sports club to join. You can choose from the following clubs:
• tennis
• chess
• basketball

Discuss all these possibilities and choose one of them you both like best.
You begin the conversation. The examiner will play the part of your English friend.
Remember to:
• discuss all the options
• be polite
• take an active part in the conversation:

- explain the situation
- come up with your ideas
- give good reasons
- find out your friend's attitudes and take them into account
- invite your friend to come up with suggestions
• come to an agreement