IELTS говорение тест №1

SPEAKING 11 - 14 minutes


What you do
• Are you a student?
• What subject(s) do you study?
• What do you like best about your course?
• What do you hope to do in the future?

• What type of films do you like best? (Why?)
• Who do you usually watch films with? (Why?)
• Where do you prefer to watch films - at the cinema or at home? (Why?)

• How often do you go shopping?
• Do you prefer to go shopping alone? (Why?/Why Not?)
• What do you find annoying about shopping? (Why?)


Describe how you like to communicate with your friends (e.g. by mobile phone, email, texts).

You should say:
how you prefer to communicate with your friends
how often you use this method of communication
what disadvantages there are to communicating in this way,
and explain why you prefer this method of communication.

Rounding-off question

Do most of your friends communicate in this way?


Changes in communication
• Can you describe how people used to communicate fifty years ago?
• What were/are the good points about writing and receiving letters?
• How do you think methods of communication will change in the future?