IELTS говорение тест №3

SPEAKING 11 - 14 minutes


What you do

• Are you a student?
• Where do you study?
• What do you like most about your college? (Why?)
• What subjects would you like to study in future? (Why?)


• How do you prefer to buy your clothes (e.g. shops, large stores, internet)? (Why?)
• How important is fashion to you? (Why?)
• How much do you think we can judge people by the clothes they wear?


• What hobbies do you do regularly?
• What benefits can people get from their hobbies?
• Which new hobby would you like to try? (Why?)


Describe a country that you would like to go to.

You should say:

where you would like to go
what you would like to do there
how long you would like to spend there,
and explain why you would particularly like to go to this country.

Rounding-off question

Have any of your friends visited this country?


The effects of travel

• Why do you think it is important for young people to travel?
• How have people's attitudes to travel changed since your grandparents were young?
• How can increased tourism have a negative effect on the countries visited?