Тест на аудирование по английскому языку №4

You are going to listen to two women talking about capital punishment. As you listen to the recording, fill in the missing information below. Click on the gap and print the answer.


1. According to the news report, the was executed: they used capital punishment the first time in years.

2. The 1st woman thinks that nobody can take another person’s .

3. The 2nd woman regards capital punishment as : it is just what a deserves.

4. According to the 1st woman, death penalty will probably prevent from killing.

5. She also thinks that not all persons convicted to death are .

6. The 2nd speaker insists that it is very important to get rid of the seed.

7. The 1st woman says that in fact, are never rehabilitated because the

of rehabilitation should start in a jail.

8. According to the 2nd woman, the jails and prisons are and people have to pay to maintain them.

9. The 1st woman agrees that the real problem has a character. That is why we all are responsible for .