Тест на аудирование по английскому языку №6

Listen to the weather report and complete the sentences below. Choose and click on the correct option A, B, C or D. Only one option is correct.

1. The weather on the West coast is


2. The temperature in Seattle will be

15 degrees
30 degrees
50 degrees
13 degrees

3. In Southern California they have

sunny skies and colder temperatures
sunny days and warmer temperatures
sunny days and colder temperatures
sunny skies and warmer temperatures

4. The Mid West will see

clean but cold weather
clean but windy weather
clear but windy weather
clear but wind weather

5. In Huston we’ll see

clouds in sky
cloudy sky
cloudy skies
clouds in skies

6. From the East to Miami the temperature will

get to 64 degrees.
fall to 64 degrees.
go up to 64 degrees.
reach 64 degrees.

7. In New York City they expect

heavy rains, high winds and cold temperatures
heavy rains, strong winds and high temperatures
heavy rains, no winds and low temperatures
heavy rains, high winds and low temperatures

8. Through the North the weather will be

sunny and hot
sunny and cold
sunny and wet
sunny and warm