Тест на аудирование по английскому языку №1

Listen to the passage. Then answer the questions by choosing the letter of the best answer choice.

Now get ready to listen.


Questions 1-3

Listen to part of a discussion between two friends.

1. What are the people discussing?

Getting presents

Purchasing books

Attaching bar codes

Working in a library

2. What is the woman referring to when she states, "that sounds like fun"?

Unwrapping presents

Unpacking books

Having a birthday

Logging in books

3. Which duty does the man like the least?

Logging in books

Attaching the bar code

Opening boxes of purchased books

Entering the data into the computer

Questions 4-6


Listen to part of a lecture from a history class.

4. What is the talk mainly about?

American sharpshooters

The czar of Russia

Buffalo Bills Wild West Show

European heads of state

5. What is the woman referring to when she states, "That was in 1883"?

The year Cody started the Wild West Show

When Cody became known as Buffalo Bill

The date William Cody was more widely known

When the Wild West Show performed for heads of state

6. In addition to Annie Oakley, which other famous person traveled with Buffalo Bill?

William Cody

Queen Victoria

Chief Sitting Bull

Czar Alexander the II

Questions 7-9


Listen to part of a lecture from a music class.

7. What does the speaker mainly discuss?

The turn of the century

Ragtime in America

Band concerts in America and Europe

Early American musical forms

8. According to the professor, what is ragtime?

A type of traditional music with regular beats

One of John Philip Sousa's best-known marches

A musical form that became popular around 1900

A particular piece of music composed by William Krell

9. What does the professor contrast in his lecture?

Regular beats and syncopation in music

The different beats in waltzes and polkas

Popular musical forms in America and Europe

Krell's Mississippi Rag and Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag

Questions 10-12


Listen to a conversation between two students.

10. What are the people discussing?

Security precautions at a museum

A painting that thieves favor

A popular painting among the public

The most valuable painting in the museum

11. What does the woman mean by the phrase "being out on unauthorized loan for three years"?

The curator did not authorize the painting to be on loan.

A painting can be on loan for fewer than three years.

The Rembrandt was stolen and recovered three years later.

It took three years to paint unauthorized copies of the stolen paintings.

12. What reason is given for the painting's popularity among thieves?

It's a Rembrandt.

It's worth $5 million.

It's easily recognized.

It's relatively small.