Упражнения на словарный запас по теме "Animals"

"Mother", asked Kate, "is it correct to say 'water a horse' when he is thirsty?"
"Yes, dear, quite correct."
"Then, I am going to milk the cat."

* * *

"Talking of ants", said the American storyteller, "we've got them as big as crabs out West."
"They don't compare with the ants I saw in the Far East," said another traveler. "The natives have trained them as beasts of burden. One of them could carry a ton for miles with ease. They worked willingly, but occasionally they turned on their attendants and killed them."
But this was stretching credulity a bit too far.
"I say," said one of the listeners, unbelieving, "what sort of ants are they?"
"Eleph-ants," replied the traveler.