Тест по английскому на словарный запас по теме "Education" №3

ENROLMENT Put each of the following words or phrases into its correct place in the passage below.

amount     course     graduation     outlines     requirements
calendar     credits     major     prospectus     technical
class hours     curriculum     number     specified     three
college     electives     opportunity     subjects     week

Selecting Courses

The courses given by a or university are called its curriculum. The of the institution the complete It gives the for entry to each course, as well as the credits given for the .
Each course is designated as giving a number of credits. These are usually equal to the number of devoted each week to the course. For example, a course that meets three times a usually gives credits towards graduation. Schools using the semester require about 120 credits for . Between 30 and 40 of the required must be in the student's subject.
Schools vary considerably in the of freedom given students in their courses.
Almost all schools have a certain of required Students can also usually choose non-required courses called Liberal-arts colleges usually give students more to choose than do schools.