Тест по английскому на словарный запас по теме "Gardening" №6

FLOWERS. Put each of the following words or phrases into its correct place in the passage below.

animals     cattle     grains     produces     seeds
apple     colorless     include     reproductive     sheep
blossom     flowering     man     roots     stem
botanists     food     mean     roses     vegetables


The word flower may either 1) the blossom or 2) the whole plant. used the word flower to mean only the of a plant. They call the whole plant — blossom, , leaves, and — a flowering plant.
Any plant that some sort of flower, even a tiny, one, is a flowering plant.
Grasses, , lilies, trees, and oaks are all flowering plants.
Flowers are the part of plants. The plant could not develop and reproduce without them. depends completely on flowers and flowering plants for his . Flowering plants almost all of our fruits, and . Even the that we use for food, such as , pigs, and , live on flowering plants.