Тест по английскому на словарный запас по теме "Plants" №1

PLANTS. Put each of the following words and phrases in its correct place in the passage below.

bacteria     breeds     cheese     forests
fungi     grasses     plant kingdom     plants
rocks     scientists     seed-bearing     shrubs
species     stems     varieties     world

Kinds of Plants

know that there are more than 335,000 different of plants. Actually, if we travelled all over the we could see more different kinds of plants than these, but some of these are merely , as much as dogs are merely different of one basic kind of animal.
The simplest plants found in the are one-celled and algae, and that are like the moulds often seen growing on bread and .
The next group of relatively simple includes the mosses and lichens that are found in , on bare , on rooftops, and elsewhere. Some of these plants have and leaves, but no roots. After that, the next group includes ferns and bracken. Finally, there is the group of plants. Such plants include our common and vegetables, and most trees, and flowers.